Tip #1 – Tips On How To Photograph Sports

TIP #1 – Camera Settings – Burst Mode, Focal Points & Aperture Priority

When shooting any sports, make sure your camera is set to burst/continuous  mode to keep up with movements of the players. This will save you having to  press the button manually for every shot. Have your camera’s focus mode to AI  servo mode which is made to shoot continuous movement & for panning.

Also ensuring all your focal points are active will make sure you have  optimum chance of focusing on the player with the ball. When shooting sports it  is ok to have the camera in Aperture Priority mode as we’re dealing with a  really fast game and you need to be on the ball with exposure rather than having  to always toggle the shutter speed manually.

Read more: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/8-tips-on-how-to-photograph-sports#ixzz1WvVx29LY


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