Do I Need A Special Printer?

Here’s a question that every digital camera owner asks, “Do I need a special digital photo printer to get great digital prints?”

Not necessarily, and not if you have a computer and an inkjet printer. Regular inkjet printers that connect to a computer print out great digital pictures these days. But printer quality can vary. It’s safer to avoid off-brands and stick with the major brands. Just about all the Epson inkjets, even those that cost under $100, as well as the Canon and HP printers, do a great job with digital photos.

These days, there are some incredible new printers on the market that make printing photos a breeze. Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of printing pictures at home when you need them.

But don’t think you have to run out and buy a computer just to print your photos. If you don’t have a computer (or don’t know how to use one), you can still print digital photos. There are several models of printers that print right from your memory card. All you need to do is insert your Flash memory card into the correct slot and print.

Some cameras, such as the Kodax EasyShare have a dock that will print pictures directly from the camera (as well as recharge your batteries).

Special photo printers are great if you don’t mind spending more for extra features. But they’re not really necessary unless you print photos constantly.

The inks used in home digital
photo printing are not as long-lasting as inks used in professional developing. Unless you purchase special archival non-fading ink, expect your home digital prints to fade within a few months to few years, depending on the ink. You can find a good selection of excellent photo inks at

Professional photo labs now print digital photos that last as long as traditional prints. There are many digital photo developing labs on the web. You can also get your photos printed your local photo lab, photo kiosk or online:

Here are a couple of possibilities:

4×6 Prints Only 24¢ at the Wal-Mart Photo Center
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Get film-quality prints from your digital camera at Shutterfly.
Plus, get 15 FREE prints!

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It would nice if choosing a camera were as easy as deciding what shoes to buy. Like a shoe, a digital camera has to be the right “size” and fit your lifestyle, but there’s more to consider for a good match.

Written by Rufina James


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