A Handy Reminder for Fellow Photogs!

Just a reminder for my photographer friends….


Twinkle Toes: Interviewing the Red Raider Color Guard

The CCCHS Red Raider Band had their 2012 Band Camp over the past two weeks. My videographer, Josh, and I had a blast hanging out with everyone while filming/shooting for what is going to turn out to be an awesome documentary type film DVD for the band at the end of the school year! Cloud 9 Imagery plans to be at every event and even a few games to video/shoot, so watch for us! And, if you’d like to order photographs, visit http://www.cloud9imagery.com and click on our Client Gallery!

David vs. Goliath

I am first a mother and a photographer second; however, the photographer in me took center stage as I caught my youngest son (Ryan, 9) during his tackle football practice on Thursday, July 26th, holding his own. He is the next to smallest on the team this year, but he has a lot of heart! I, unfortunately, missed the shot where he was dragging our largest player by the ankles.