Throwback Thursday: Beautiful Miss River 2013



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Faces of Canvas


A while back, my pastor was telling me that he would love to have some shots of him preaching during service. Since I had shot a wedding the day before, I decided to bring the “big lens” to church with me last Sunday and oblige him; not to mention capture some amazing shots of God’s work at Canvas Community Church. Below are a few of my favorite images; maybe I will share a few of the videos I shot as well sometime soon.

CanvasJPTeaser-1 CanvasJPTeaser-2 CanvasJPTeaser-3 CanvasJPTeaser-4 CanvasJPTeaser-5 CanvasJPTeaser-6 CanvasJPTeaser-7 CanvasJPTeaser-8 CanvasJPTeaser-9 CanvasJPTeaser-11 CanvasJPTeaser-12 CanvasJPTeaser-13 CanvasJPTeaser-14 CanvasJPTeaser-15 CanvasJPTeaser-16 CanvasJPTeaser-17 CanvasJPTeaser-18 CanvasJPTeaser-19 CanvasJPTeaser-21 CanvasJPTeaser-20