A Baby Girl…

One of the most beautiful miracles in life,

One of the greatest joys we can ever know,

And one of the reason there is a little extra sunshine,

laughter, and happiness in your world today.



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Think Pink…Victorian & Vintage!


I am honoured to officially announce the marriage of Stacy Partyka of Wallingford, Connecticut, and Randy McElrath of Calhoun, Georgia. The couple invited family and friends to fellowship and witness there love for each other in their English Victorian Parlour on Saturday, June 8, 2013. The bride wore an exquisite pink vintage lace gown from Vintage A GoGo in Rome, GA, while the groom was dressed in gentleman’s traditional victorian attire. Sweet Expressions Bakery created the most elaborate and detailed three-tiered wedding cake with doilies and pink roses; and the delicious home-cooked meal was prepared by Emma’s. In her spare time, the bride created the beautiful floral arrangements with vibrant flowers that she had brought in from the Northeast. Each tiny detail was placed lovingly throughout the home for family and friends to enjoy; and included the couple’s petting zoo for the guests which consisted of two horses, a donkey, goats, and dogs. This was truly an intimate and lovely affair. Thank you to Stacy and Randy for allowing me to be a part of their very special day!

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Photos By Cloud 9 Imagery
"The Dress"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Dress”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"The Details"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Details”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"The Parlour"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Parlour”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"The Cake"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Cake”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"The Ceremony"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Ceremony”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"Family & Friends"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“Family & Friends”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"The Petting Zoo"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Petting Zoo”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery
Special Request of the Bride

"Cutting The Cake"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“Cutting The Cake”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

"The Happy Couple"   © 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery

“The Happy Couple”
© 2013 Cloud 9 Imagery