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I am constantly committing PDA – Public Displays of Affection – with my photography! After all, I am very passionate about the images I create and the life stories I am able to share. Is it really so bad for me to want my clients to be the same way?

Like many other photographers, I value photography as an art; it should be displayed for everyone to see and not stored away on a CD in your drawer or in the stockpiles of your computer files. Whether you frame it or put in on a display such as above, your memories and stories are meant to be shared with family and friends.

More often than not, new clients ask me about just plain ol’ gift prints — sizes 8×10, 5×7, 4×6 and wallets. While these are wonderful  for GIFTS to your Aunt Betty or Grandpa Cecil, these are not what you want to display in your home.

I believe the perfect size for almost any situation, whether on your child’s wall or showcasing your engagement photo at your wedding, the 16 x 24 styrene-mounted print is by far the best option. It’s just that perfect size to commit your very own public display of affection!

I’m sure you understand why the 16×24 is so perfect; it’s not too big and not too small… it’s just right!

But, what is Styrene and why should a print be mounted?

Mounting is a cornerstone to protecting your portraits from the natural curling, bending and marking that is possible with the aging of your print. By adding a lightweight mounting to the back of your image it is sure to last throughout the generations; as well as the additional positives such as the print is smoother from the get-go, it’s always ready to frame without having to fuss with the cardboard inserts, and you can prop it up on a display mantel!

Styrene is an extremely lightweight yet super durable acid-free and moisture/humidity -free plastic mounting substrate that protects your print for a lifetime of well….. LIFE! It’s sort of like getting full coverage insurance on your prized Rolls Royce! I mean, you’re just like everyone else right? A Rolls Royce and a Ferrari in the driveway with your 15 bedroom mansion!? Ok, just kidding! But seriously! It’s really an amazing product to help protect your investment.

During your Reveal & Sales Session, be sure to ask for the Styrene Mounting upgrade! For pricing information, please Get In Touch with us to set up a complimentary consultation!

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What is Styrene? | Rebecca Manney Photography

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White Label Collection: Classic Linen Albums | Nashville Chattanooga Destination Photography

2015 is a new year and with it comes amazing changes!

Among the changes are our all-new wedding collections and a new line of hand-crafted heirloom albums starting with our…


White Label Collection’s Classic Linen Albums



Our striking classic linen albums leave you wanting more from their rich linen texture to their superb craftsmanship; with your choice of cameo window to showcase your favorite image or imprinting your chosen text; plus 12 vibrant color choices.



The lay-flat design allows for stunning panoramic views; with a superior core; hand-crafted pages meant for rigorous use to withstand the years of time; always retaining their shape; and includes a special coating to withstand against spills and stains.



With many desirable characteristics we visually tell your wedding story on true photo paper with a beautiful lustre finish; including special moments, stories and quotes throughout your album;  PLUS ALL-NEW choice of black, silver, or gold gilding.




Let us know what you think about our

NEW Classic Linen Albums!

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Or, want more information on our

NEW White Label Wedding Collection?

Get in touch with Cloud 9 Imagery at your convenience!

And, as always….

Have a Blessed Day!


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10 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Album




Catch The Glory During Softball Season!

Cloud 9 Imagery is more than just Photography…

Graphic Design – Web Design – Video Production

Canvas Community Church recently used Cloud 9 Imagery for creating an ad for us. We were very pleased with their work. The ads looked professional and appealing. Everything was finished ahead of schedule. I would recommend you give Cloud 9 Imagery a chance to meet your graphic needs.
– Pastor Johnny Chase, Canvas Community Church



Dr. Steve R. Lynn – Pediatric Dental Centers, P.C. – Website Designed by Cloud 9 Imagery

Everyone Loves EXTRAS! The Bridal Show App Has All Of Them!




Screenshot of Bridal Show App Being Designed

Screenshot of Bridal Show App

It’s finished!

For the past few weeks, I have been working hard on this beautiful app for The Bridal Show in February.

Directions are at the bottom– you can choose to view the app via your mobile web browser or scan it with your qr code scanner. Unfortunately, you can only download the app if you have an Android phone. I was unaware of the obstacles you have to go through to post it on iTunes as well as Google Play; however, you can download it from the ibuildapp store!

The app includes our basic contact information: Blog, Facebook, Twitter & Website

As well as the some interesting features:

Bridal Show Countdown – Join the excitement as we count down to the start of The Bridal Show 2014!

Bridal Show Giveaways – We will be holding a special raffle each week in February.

Wedding Resources – As more vendors are listed, we will continually add their information here.

Pre-Show Sign-ups – Fill out our early sign-up form and receive a free gift at the show!

Let me know what you think below!

And, if you have any issues, please email me at



It’s App-tastic! Don’t you think? (…a sneak peek)

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It’s App-tastic! Don’t you think? (…a sneak peek)

Screenshot of Bridal Show App Being Designed

Screenshot of Bridal Show App Being Designed

As much as I love digital photography is almost as much as I love technology in general; whether it’s creating websites, blogging, playing games, or just researching new things….and my newest pet project is creating Apps for phones and tablets!

I am currently working on my first phone app; albeit one that isn’t simple nor complex. I’m working through iBuildApp to create Cloud 9 Imagery‘s very first app! It is called “Cloud 9 Imagery at The Bridal Show 2014″…yes, I know it’s a long name. Sorry! And, while I’m apologizing, it’s not one of those newfangled widgets for photographers with all of our client’s photos and such; at least not yet.

This app is custom designed with Brides in mind for the The Bridal Show 2014 on Sunday, February 23rd, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Tullahoma, TN, at the Tullahoma Events Center presented by Thunder Radio. It will include the following:

  • Bridal Show Countdown – Check the timer counting down to The Bridal Show 2014 and you’ll never forget!
  • Bridal Gift Giveaways – You can win a variety of early bird gifts during the weeks before as well as win some during the show!
  • Wedding Resources – This will have many, if not all, of the vendors at the show’s contact information available for you.
  • Pre-Show Signups – Take the time to fill out this questionnaire to sign up before the actual show and then stop by our booth for your free gift!
  • Blog – You can view the Cloud 9 Imagery blog, Behind The Camera, any time you like for inspiration!
  • Facebook – Be sure to watch our Facebook page for updates!
  • Twitter – Get your Tweet-errific fix here!
  • Website – Visit our website for session information, to join our VIP Membership and much more!

While it’s not out just YET, I will definitely post as soon as it’s ready! But, please! If you have any additions you would like to see, let me know now! Just comment below!



The Mobile War Is Over And The App Has Won

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